Part 2: The Exterior

home roofI recently did a blog on the Repairs to Make Before You Sell Your Home: The Interior. Now I would like to discuss the exterior repairs homeowners should consider. Remember, repairs taken care of before the home inspection save the homeowner significantly. If they show up in the home inspection, repair costs or the amount renegotiated on the sale price will probably be much more. Before you set out on a big remodel project, make sure these common issues are addressed.


Make sure your roof is in good condition and fix any problem areas immediately. There shouldn’t be any missing or damaged tiles, shingles or ridge caps. Water damage in the house is a sign there is roof damage. If you notice this you may want to contact a professional roofer. Roofs can be very expensive to replace so fixing problem areas before they get too bad will help preserve your roof


The edges of the roof that hang over the exterior wall are the Eves. The fascia and soffits are part of the eves. They should all be clean and clear. Remove any buildup of debris. Check for water damage and rot. You may need to replace boards if they are damaged.


The foundation of the home can be a significant issue with regards to the value of the home.  Cracks along interior or exterior walls, cracks in foundation and sagging or uneven floors can all be an indication of a foundation issue. Repairing the foundation can be costly. I recommend you get estimates and decide if you want to hire a contractor or adjust the selling price of your home. Foundation issues will be on the home inspection report and will be an issue with most buyers.


Make sure that your landscaping isn’t causing issues with your home. Willow trees too close to a home with private well and septic can create issues. The roots intertwine in the system causing damage. Trees too close to the house should be trimmed back so branches aren’t touching the home. Trees, Shrubs and plants add great curb appeal but shouldn’t interfere with the home itself.

Decks and Outbuildings

Make sure all decks, sheds, unattached garages are all structurally sound and safe. They should all be up to code and free from water damage and termites. Consider touching up problem areas or addressing any damage or code infractions before listing your home.

Exterior Doors

All doors should be in good condition free from any major dents. The door leading from the garage to the interior should be fire rated and up to code. Doors should function properly and with ease. Homeowners can easily fix any weatherstripping or hardware issues themselves. 

Garage Doors

Make sure overhead doors and all safety features are working properly. See my blog Common Defects Found In a Home Inspection Part 5: The Garage. Specifically review the safety aspects of overhead doors and why proper function is so important for both your family and potential new buyers.


Fixing some easy maintenance issues before the home inspection will help you have a clean report for potential buyers. You may need to hire a professional for bigger issues or address those concerns via the price of the home. Either way, a clean report means better offers.