New Construction Inspections

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New home construction can be stressful! Advanced Home Inspections LLC can help by monitoring the construction process at various phases of the project to make sure it is being built correctly.

James Haugen, Owner of Advanced Home Inspections LLC has many years of construction experience. Prior to becoming a certified master home inspector, James spent 10 years as an on site builder and another 8 years in contractor sales. His expansive building and inspection experience makes him uniquely qualified to monitor your new build project.

By monitoring and inspecting a new home build throughout the process, you can avoid costly build mistakes, fix issues before they are covered and less detectable, hold contractors accountable for their work and ensure your new home is safe and built properly.

Minimum of 3 inspections throughout the process

What new build inspections include:

Pre-Pour Inspection

This initial inspection is prior to the foundation being poured and ensures that the site has been prepared properly. It allows the contractor to fix any issues before the foundation is poured and it’s too late to fix.


This second inspection evaluates the framing and anything that will be behind the walls. We’ll make sure the structural part of the home was built and/or installed properly including the roof, windows, flashing, plumbing, wiring and more. If there are issues, it is better to get them fixed now before they are hidden behind your walls.

A Final Inspection

This final inspection would be similar to a normal new construction inspection. We inspect the home to make sure the home is move-in ready, up to code and safe for your family.

Other Inspections as Needed

No two builds go exactly the same and evaluations and inspections will be made as necessary.

An objective third party inspecting your home being built is an inexpensive way to ensure the quality and safety of your new home and save you thousands on repairs down the road. We’ll take your new build stress away!

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