WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms) Inspection

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WDO (Wood Destroying Organism) Inspections

About WDO – (also known as WDOs) – Most people think of termites when you talk about wood destroying insects or organisms. They are the most well known because they are more common and because of the amount of damage they can do. While the most feared, termites aren’t the only organism that can destroy the wood in your house. There are numerous other species such as beetles, ants and even fungi that can invade your home.

Homeowners who are selling their homes are often required to get WDO inspections performed on their properties.

Our Inspection

A trained and experienced inspector visually inspects the structure looking for any evidence of current or past termite activity and noting any conducive conditions on the property. Although termites are the main type of wood destroying organism that causes damage, Advanced Home Inspections inspects for the following organisms during the WDO and termite inspection in the Coulee Region and surrounding areas.

  • Termites—Eastern Subterranean and Formosans
  • Wood-destroying fungi
  • Wood-destroying beetles—wood boring beetles, powder post beetles
  • Carpenter ants

Termites tend to form large colonies and can cause thousands of dollars in damages if not controlled. By having a thorough WDO inspection by a professional WDO inspector you can ensure your home is clear of termite activity; in the event termite activity is found we will refer you to a licensed pest control professional.


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