Another Great Reason to Move to the La Crosse Area

La Crosse now has something that no other Wisconsin community has. In fact only a handful of communities across the country have anything like it. The All Abilities Trane Park, which opened recently has taken 10 years of planning, 3 years of construction and 6 million dollars to come to life. It is a place where people with cognitive, physical and sensory challenges can learn and play in a safe outdoor environment.


Moms and local organizations recognized the need with over 12,000 people over the age of 5 in the La Crosse area having some sort of disability. Children with sensory and cognitive challenges will benefit from the safe and accessible play place. The aging population will also have a place to enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment. Therapists from local clinics are also excited to use the park for therapy. 


Organizers believe this will be a strong draw for people thinking about moving to the area. Local employers recruiting to La Crosse can use this as one of the great reasons to move to our area. There really is no other place like it anywhere in the midwest.


Located at 1500 Chase St, the park is open from 7am to dusk. They are still accepting donations to maintain the park and add new equipment. You can make a donation to the La Crosse Community Foundation.

The All Abilities Trane Park is just another great reason to move to the La Crosse area. 

Check out the All Abilities Trane Park website.

Make a donation to the La Crosse Community Foundation

WKBT NewsChannel 8 story with video.