As a home inspector I will spending 3-4 hrs in your home documenting the condition of your home for the potential buyer. Now we all know having a stranger in your home looking for defects can be unnerving but it is a necessary step in the home buying and selling process.  Selling or buying can be stressful on either side of the transaction but doesn’t have to be!!

During my inspection process my clients expect me to do the best job possible as spending thousands of dollars and locking onto a 30yr mortgage is a big deal and should not be taken lightly meaning all accessible areas of the house should be inspected.  With that being said areas and major components I need to inspect should be accessible including but not limited to attic access, electrical panels, furnaces etc..  A majority of the time attic accesses are blocked and electrical panels and furnaces surrounded by storage items.


Many times the attic access panel is located in a bedroom closet which can be tricky due to the amount of room to enter not to mention personal belongings in the way if you   could please move these items it would be helpful in keeping them clean from potential debris/insulation and eliminate any awkward feeling of a stranger moving your personal  belongings. Sometimes the panel can be locked or sealed shut in which I will carefully cut the seal with razor to gain access and can be sealed afterwards..if you would like to cut the seal yourself please feel free to do so and make sure the panel is unlocked.

IMG_3417                                      IMG_3269

Electrical panels

I understand moving and packing is part of the home selling process and the of issue personal belongings or storage items are blocking the electrical panel…But the electrical panel is a MAJOR part of the inspection that will not and should not be passed due to no accessibility.  Many times I have to move piles of boxes just to get to the electrical panel or disclaim the inspection of the panel due it being locked as my clients expect the panel to be inspected.

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Same situation as the electrical panel moving sucks and the accumulation of items over the years can sneak up on you. Please help in providing access to the Furnace as this is also major component needed to be inspected as we know Wisconsin winters can be brutal and a furnace working on demand is priceless!!