It’s been about one year since I purchased my first infrared camera which is a fun, useful tool for me and my customers. Since then, i’ve identified numerous hidden defects and a collection of infrared images. I use my infrared camera during every home inspection for no additional fee. This is a huge benefit to my customers as not all defects can be seen by the naked eye

The things that I find and report on through the use of an infrared camera have evolved over the years, and so has our use of infrared cameras. I Have a collection  of the infrared images that I have captured over the last year, and I’ve put together a compilation of common things that I use my infrared camera for during the home inspections I perform.

  • Blocked Heat Registers
  • Missing lack of insulation
  • Over heating electrical
  • Heated water to the toilet
  • There really no other way to inspect radiant heating systems
  • Areas of moisture intrusion

This tool is extremely beneficial to my clients in helping them find out the condition of the property beyond what is visible to the naked eye. These tools are very helpful but the proper training is instrumental in operating these and knowing what to look for besides light and dark spots. Ongoing training and certification by the inspector is key for proper thermal imaging.