Statistics show that sales of electrical products increase during the month of December. This increase in electrical product purchases, combined with the advent of colder weather in many parts of the country, increases the likelihood of electrical fires, electrocutions and injuries.

More home fires occur during the winter months than during any other part of the year. Heating equipment is the second leading cause of home fires in the United States. More than 65,000 home fires are attributed to heating equipment each year. These fire result in hundreds of deaths, thousands of injuries and millions of dollars in property damage. Make sure to properly using space heaters to make sure your family and your home remain safe during the frigid temperatures. Click here
Cooking fires are also common during the winter months due largely in part to the holiday season. A handy infographic can help you Prevent Common Kitchen Hazards during the winter months and throughout the year. Click here
Further, portable generators are commonly used in the winter as a result of storm-induced power outages.  In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that 50% of all portable generator-related carbon monoxide deaths occur during the winter months (November – February). Also, winter storms can also lead to serious hazards such as downed power lines and flooding. Click here
Following manufacturers’ instructions is the first step in avoiding electrical hazards and preventing deaths and injuries during the winter months and all year long. In this section, you will find safety tips and reminders to help you and your loved ones stay safe during the winter season.
Be sure to refer to our Holiday Safety Resources to make sure that you avoid the hazards that are all too common during this otherwise festive time of year.