YES!!! Every home has problems…..even if your buying it from a friend or relative you should defiantly get a home inspection.  Just because a realtor isn’t involved and you personally know the person selling the house doesn’t mean there isn’t problems with the house, many problems the current home owner are not aware of until the home inspection is complete or they are aware of the problems but are trying to hide them to sell the home.

People selling their homes themselves are usually looking to save money  (aren’t we all) by not using a realtor which is fine…but keep in mind usually the sellers don’t want to know whats potentially wrong with their home right before selling it..why you ask?  because it may cost them to fix the defects. Its all about protecting yourself, your investment, and possibly your relationship with the seller. Home inspections are well worth their cost  NOBODY wants to be tied to a 30yr mortgage of a money pit due to passing on the inspection cause your friends or family with the seller.