This makes no sense to me…would you hire a part time doctor, lawyer, or accountant?  If you do or have I’m sure you will not get the results you are looking for and will pay the price later on.  I myself have seen the part time contractors work many many times….YIKES.  A sure way to find out is the popular tag line “specializes in night and weekend appointments”  Home Inspections require A LOT of training in which a lot if not a majority of it comes from experience by doing hundreds of home inspections..all homes are  defiantly not built alike by any means!!!

We are professional consultants and take this career seriously this is not a part time gig for extra money.  Many people rely on us to provide sound information to make a hard real estate  decision for their family with their hard earned money. Questions you need to ask your self  Is this part time inspector licensed, insured, and certified?  Do they preform hundreds of inspections a year? Why don’t they want to pursue it full-time? If they can’t commit full time can they commit to the continuing education? A detailed though report? can you contact them any time of the day about the report? Can they accommodate to the buyer and the sellers scheduling needs?….etc.  Don’t hire a part time inspector nothing good can or will come from it.