One of the MANY benefits of a home inspection is to get a disclosure of the “differed costs” involved with the home.  Nobody wants to buy a home that they have to put thousands of dollars into it right away…unless its a investment property to flip..but even than knowing what your up against is good knowledge and a good business decision before signing your name and making it official.  Houses require money any way you look at it…the key is to minimize your expenses so your not “house broke” and you can still live your life with money and time left to spare.

Let me be perfectly clear as a home inspector I do NOT provide you with a cost estimate of the defects that are found within the house….that job is to be supplied by the proper contractor in their professionally respected field. I can refer you to several different professional contractors but it is up to you to decide whom to choose. You may love the house but not the amount of work and you may love the location but not the condition of the property.  These are things for you and you family to decide but at least on thing is for sure you now know the scope of the property’s condition.

Once again all these factors I disclose in my home inspection report are for you to decide whats best for you and your family, your budget, your time, and your experience of dealing with a home that may possibly need work. Don’t get me wrong owning a well maintained home and tackling projects/renovations yourself successfully can be a great source of pride and a sense of accomplishment….but its defiantly not for everybody.