First off… I think its a generic scapegoat term used in times when the property isn’t up to par before listing the property!  The home inspector is not the one buying the home, they are providing the facts of the condition of the home and should not be commenting on if our clients should or should not buy a home…PERIOD.

If a house with multiple problems is on the market and realtor shows it to you knowing its the wrong  fit for your life, budget, and/or skill level than they may have wasted your time and money.  There has been times when my customers will stop me half way through the inspection cause they are so discouraged about the condition of the home or systems within the home when those defects should’ve been disclosed in the condition report.

Don’t get me wrong ill inspect as many homes as it takes to find the right one….but many people don’t not have a huge budget slotted just for home inspections.  Issues will be found in <strong>ANY</strong> home and if there is a major problem you’ve come this far… get a estimate!! most every contractor will provide you with a FREE estimate/consutation and when you get to the bargaining table the current home owner  may pay for the fix and not killing the deal.