One of the most frequent questions I get asked during a home inspection is “is this home up to code?” This is a valid question that I expect from a concerned home buyer.  It really depends on when the home was built and what codes where put in place at the time of construction or remodel.  If it is a older home (over 10yrs) more than likely the answer is probably no it probably is not completely up to todays code….but this shouldn’t be something to be completely worried about (unless its noted inside the report as a safety hazard or major concern)

The thing with code is that it is a ever changing rule book and can vary from state to state, county to county, and city to city.  Each state, county, and city may adopt their own specific code to cater to their own unique situations and each may be more strict than the other.  It is a very necessary guideline to ensure the proper, safest, and the latest techniques for each professional contractor to follow no matter what trade (electricians, plumbers, carpenters..etc) your apart of…they are put in place for a reason.

Final thought…code is about safety! Safety is a top priority for me while I’m preforming home inspections. These rules we’re put into place for a reason but when they were put into place doesn’t mean that EVERY home built before that ruling has to be upgraded to the new code.  The older homes built before those codes are grandfathered in. If every older home built before the most current code had to be updated with the most recent codes….VERY,VERY few homes would be selling.