Ever hear the term “you get what you pay for?” i’m sure you have.  This phrase holds true to most items and services including home inspections.  Most home inspectors are very close in price, there are the ones that are offering their services at a discount to stay busy or to beat their competitors, and than the others who are just priced out of the market.

First lets talk about the cheaper priced inspectors.  Remember the phrase “you get what you pay for”  well this defiantly holds true here…the cheaper the inspection price the quicker and less detailed inspection you will receive on a home that you may possibly own for the term of your loan.  If crucial defects/problems are not found during the inspection process and you buy the house…those problems/defects are now YOURS!!! which will not be fun paying for or trying to sell a house with those problems.  remember the $50-$100 you save up front could cost you big time in the end.

Last lets talk about the higher priced inspectors.  These firms will be higher priced cause they have multiple employees and lots of overhead expenses to pay for, they charge more cause of a trademark name, or they just pain charge more.   When your dealing with a multi inspector firm they deal in quantity to keep their employees busy and the business running which I believe quantity does not equal quality!!

Bottom line do your research.  Does the inspector talk to about their services or do they just spit a price at you and hang up. Are they a multi inspector firm? have they been involved in all aspects of the construction industry or did they just jump into a business?  Protect yourself, protect your family, and protect your money.  A good home inspector can save you ALOT of money and headaches from real estate decisions.