You just bought a home went though the appraisal, the inspection, the negotiations, the down payment UGGHH and all the good stuff that comes with buying a home….stressed out yet? it doesn’t end there its just begun.  More than likely you have a 30yr loan which means your tied to that property until you sell it…so now what? Depending on what your home inspector discovered and what you and the previous owners have agreed upon in the negotiating there a “to do list” that is waiting for your attention.

Where do I start? good question!  Your home inspection report is the ultimate “to do list” and should be referenced for repairs or safety hazards that need to be addressed in a order of importance with out going house broke. Some of the larger things will need to be budgeted and others can be a quick fix.  Your main goal is to keep that property in better condition than when you bought it to retain its value and its ability to sell quick if you need to.  Houses need to be maintained it is that simple…what is a $500 fix today could turn into a $5000 fix in 5 yrs if you ignore it.  Buildings don’t care if your lazy.  Of almost all the homes I’ve inspected the problematic areas I find have been put off and have turned into “issues” and may have possibly killed the sale of their house.

Bottom line is stay on top of your home maintenance and treat your home well. More times than not it will pay off in some form..pride? monetary gain? a quicker sale of your house?   Your home inspection report has outlined the property’s issues and anything after that is either caused by you or has been neglected by you.  Home ownership can be a blessing or a curse depending on who you are.