First of all if you’ve ever bought a house or attempted to buy a house you already know theres ALOT to take into consideration, and it can become overwhelming with all the factors such as: location, realtors, financing, interest rates, insurance quotes, offers, counter offers, home inspections, appraisals etc. you get my point. Most all of us work full-time jobs with busy lives which we have to rely on these referrals from professionals to do their jobs to help guide us through many of the things we don’t fully understand or just don’t have the time to do.  We use these referrals offered from these professionals which can be great but there are questions you should be asking yourself:  is it for your benefit or theirs?  how many referrals should I get?  is there even a choice when I’m referred?  or is it really easy to just have it “taken care of”.

Secondly….Choosing your home inspector is probably the 3rd most important factor in the home buying process behind finding the “right” home and getting the “right” financing secured.  Why do I say this? After you’ve found that perfect home within your budget the sale of the house can still be contingent upon the condition of the home reported within that home inspection report.  Home inspectors work for you and you alone! We are and should at all times be the third objective party disclosing the condition of the property.  We deal in visual facts, observations, and testing.  Our interests are the property and its systems condition at the time of the inspection.

Last of all I would like to explain that I am not against referrals by any means!! a home inspection business won’t survive long without referrals from their past clients… all I am stating is that when you are givin the chance to research something that could potentially cost or save you a lot of money based on what is reported…why not take part and be involved. You picking your own home inspection company is the meaning of having a unbiased third party….having somebody else involved in the process making that decision for you not so much!!  It  could come back to haunt you or the other party involved.