A thorough and detailed home inspection can mean the difference between a safe dwelling and thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs. Before hiring an inspector, it’s important that to select one with the best skills, correct credentials, and substantial experience. Advanced Home Inspections, LLC is a leading Sacramento-based inspection company offering meticulous inspections and comprehensive reports.

We work in both the commercial and residential sectors and are licensed by the state of California. We are certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors.

Skill & Expertise:

To provide the most thorough and accurate assessments of a structure, Advanced Home Inspections only hires the best inspectors. Given the complexities of construction, expertise in the industry makes a significant different in the quality of the inspection and the resulting reports.

But at Advanced Home Inspections we don’t expect our inspectors to fly solo. We provide them with the latest technology available to assist in their assessments.

We understand that an inspection is not only part of a real estate transaction, but it can also be critical to the safety of your family. We value the importance of our role, and we work hard to do the best job possible on each and every project.


We offer several types of building inspections including a comprehensive inspection of the entire structure. Our inspectors will assess all accessible spaces indoors and outside of a dwelling.

We can do a pre-purchase inspection along with a comprehensive report of our findings within your due diligence timeline. We also do pre-listing inspections for the homeowner wanting to know if there are any issues of concern before listing their home. A pre-listing inspection allows them to address any problems before listing.

Our professional inspectors are trained to assess commercial structures and residential dwellings including single-family or multiple-family dwellings. We can also do termite and HVAC inspections as well.

All clients receive a comprehensive report including pictures of any areas of concern within days of your inspection. We appreciate the urgency of real estate deadlines and are happy to accommodate your schedule.

Our Commitment to You:

Real estate is one of the most significant investments you can make in your lifetime. More than that, a home is an emotional investment. As a highly reputable and well-known inspection company in Sacramento, we are committed to excellence in our work.

We believe in exceptional communication and full transparency with our clients. We want to offer the best customer experience possible. More importantly, we are committed to performing meticulous and careful inspections.

Advanced Home Inspections, LLC Sacramento offers reasonable rates for a critically important part of your real estate transaction. It also provides peace of mind. If you would like a top-notch inspection and report of a dwelling, contact us today to discuss your needs and timeline. We are happy to provide a free, no-obligation estimate.

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